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Very Small Array [verysmallarray.com] has been on the infosthetics "radar" for a while, and I believe it is worth some of your time as well. From time to time, it features nice pieces of information graphics that somehow look cute and quirky, are still informative, and often focus on music.

The posts range from a personal Year in Review, over statistics on Billboard's Top 100 (and more), gender and birth countries of the musicians of top 10 American orchestras (and more),
the 100 best music tracks of 2008, lengths of songs and genres of #1 songs per year to maps of number of residents per IKEA or per McDonalds restaurant and places where connections were most frequently been missed, and so on, and so on, and thus should not be missed. And this list is only the result of browsing through 30 pages of last posts. (maybe I should change the "small" in the title...)

Alternatively, you can browse by category, such as maps, charts or Google

Thnkx gsanvito, Arora, Bjorn, Rob.




The very small array is useful. I am drawn to the big M map, I wonder what the UK version would look like?

Tue 28 Apr 2009 at 5:06 PM
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