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Spamghetto [todo.to.it] is a spam-based wall covering shown at the Design Crisis exhibition in Torino, Italy, based on up to 2000 different junk-mail subjects scraped from Gmail mailboxes. With the crisis happening, the aim of the project is to recycle in order to turn the ugly spam into a beautiful wallpaper, before it is too late: "someday a brilliant scientist will find the definitive solution to eradicate from the web the bittersweet pleasure of spam. Spamghetto is not like your grandma's wallpaper."

The wallpaper is generated using a generative software, so that the design can adapt to the specific dimensions of the space.

So far, we had wallpapers made out of New York Times Headlines, French phrases, and Nasdaq stock quotes.





That is freakishly beautiful, and I never thought I could say that about spam. Which makes me wonder how beauty attached to worthless, hated content can / will give that content unwarranted attention and affection in much the same way movies have the capability to make anything seem right and entertaining just because the lighting is tuned and the music moving. The wallpaper also makes you wonder about the concept of recyclability and how this wall seems to represent an email landfill set to better use, though I surely doubt I'd like glancing over and reading some of these lines.

Mon 04 May 2009 at 4:15 PM
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