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The academic paper titled "The Event Tunnel: Interactive Visualization of Complex Event Streams for Business Process Pattern Analysis" [tuwien.ac.at] reports on a novel interactive visualization of event streams to support business analysts in exploring business cases and business processes.

The data visualization technique is based on the metaphor of considering the event stream as a cylindrical tunnel, which is then presented to the user from multiple perspectives. The "top view" looks into the stream of events along the time-axis, so that events on the inner circles of the tunnel are displayed smaller to simulate perspective projection. The angular position of each event is not implicitly defined and can be controlled by the business analyst with placement policies. The "side view" plots the events in temporal order, and resembles process charts such as GANTT diagrams without the depiction of dependencies.

The techniques presented so far are suitable for small and medium sized data sets of up to 5,000 events. A distribution analysis in the sector placement-policy can also be performed with data sets of up to 40,000 events. The Event Tunnel data visualization technique has been evaluated by applying to it to 2 different business applications: automated fraud detection in online betting and real-time monitoring of logistics processes.

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