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Illinois: Visualizing Music [jaxdeleon.com] consists of a collection of visual interpretations based on Sufjan Stevens album titled Illinois .

Examples include "Word Usage Circles" which each represent a different song containing lyrics. Each concentric circle within the larger circle corresponds to a word used in the song, as indicated on the lower portion of each panel. The thickness of each circle relates to the number of times each word was used, with the most commonly used words at the outermost edges of the circles. "Vocal Album Grid" represents 1 second of the entire album. Each row makes up 1 minute and adds up to 1 hour, 14 minutes and 13 seconds. Colored squares indicate the subject of the lyrics being sung during each second, while gray squares indicate when there are only instrumentals and no lyrics are being sung. "Note Frequency" conveys the prevalence of individual notes in each song. Each song is run through a music frequency analysis program that visualizes the frequencies being played and what note they correspond to. The percentage of a song employing a given note is calculated and graphed on a circle containing 100 concentric circles, each representing 1%.