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The project "Mapping Time based on Genealogy and National History" [flickr.com] consists off a simple but incredibly detailed mapping of 100 years worth of dates on a long paper canvas. Over a time period of more than 14 days, the author, "graphic musician" Haohao Huang, wrote the numerical dates on a long roll of paper completely by hand. After this accomplishment, he took 8 days to color-code his hand scribbled numbers based on historical records of modern Chinese history (e.g. Huanghuagang Uprising, Xinhai Revolution, New Culture Movement).

Unfortunately, details about the amount of dates, the length of the paper and the color legend seem to be missing, but the high resolution pictures are sufficiently impressive to appreciate the immense effort.

You can watch the documentary video below. Realizing the New York Times Headlines Wallpaper costs about $1,000 per roll, one can only imagine the potential price of this work.

Via datavisualization.ch




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