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VisWeek 2009 [computer.org], probably the largest conference in the area of visualization (including information visualization, scientific visualization, and visual analytics) is just around the corner. But it's not too late to participate!

This year, Visweek is trying to establish a new event, the Discovery Exhibition [discoveryexhibition.org]. We want to create a venue for everyone in the visualization community to share their stories of applied research results and to publish reports on the impact that our research can have on the work and life of people using our tools. The event is intended to stimulate forward thinking about the way in which visualization can play an influential role in work, research, entertainment, and many other areas. The exhibition, therefore, encourages the submission of "impact reports" of visualization (or visual analytics) use with a real user group and real data (possibly long after the first paper was published).

This is the first year of this exhibition and we are looking forward to many interesting submissions-both from practitioners as well as researchers who have seen their research move into practice.

More details about this initiative can be found on the Discovery Exhibition Website which hosts examples, an FAQ, submission instructions, and which will also later archive all the accepted entries that we will receive. Questions can also be asked below.

This post was written by Petra Isenberg, co-chair for the 2009 Discovery Exhibition. We are planning to post some examples as well as accepted entries here at information aesthetics in the upcoming weeks and months.