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The objective of the online visualization project Human's Development is to make important data, like the statistics about the different aspects of human development, readable for everyone. The intention was to develop an interactive and dynamic information-graphic which uncovers a global grievance causing the mismatch of upper-, middle-, and lower-classes, and raises the user's awareness for this issue.

Every year the UNPD (United Nations Development Programme) releases reports consisting of statistical information on different aspects of human development. The so-called "Human Development Reports" mainly focus on 3 dimensions which describe the makings of a successful human development: a long and healthy life, knowledge and a decent standard of living. Each dimension is expressed by an index between 0 and 1, and combines applicable and concrete facts for each country, which is here visualized.

The project aims that lay people should be able to absorb, process and understand the data so that they are willing to take action on projects offered by GlobalLiving. The project was designed and developed by Roland Loesslein, also the person behind the meteorological data visualization project Synoptic.