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DataMasher [datamasher.org] helps citizens creating mashups of data pulled from data.gov to visualize them in different ways, and to analyze how states compare on important issues. Users can combine different data sets in several ways and create their own custom rankings and color-coded maps of the US states.

Already available maps include comparisons of obesity rates in children and how much is spent on their education (per capita), the most unhealthy states (cancer rate times infant mortality rate), or right brain versus left brain (or, in other words SAT Scores - Mathematics divided by SAT Scores - Reading).

DataMasher is one of the 3 finalists of the Apps for America 2 contest, next to govpulse [govpulse.us], a searchable version of the Federal Register, and This We Know [thisweknow.org], a web repository that compiles federal information on a local level. As I understand it, votes can still be casted.

While DataMasher is the most visualization-oriented, which one of the three deserves to win the most?