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DataSF [datasf.org] is an online repository of datasets available from the City & County of San Francisco. Similar to the goals of the data.gov and USASpending.gov initiatives, DataSF aims to improve access to data, help the community create innovative apps, understand what datasets the public likes to see, and receive feedback on the quality of the data. Included data ranges from all the trees located in the San Francisco streets (planting date, species, and location) to all its building permits or complaints.

Almost simultaneously, Stamen launched San Francisco CrimeSpotting [sanfrancisco.crimespotting.org]. Using the same engine that still drives the ground-breaking Oakland Crimespotting project, it shows an interactive map of all reported crimes in San Francisco. The icons are deliberately kept minimal to avoid visual cluttering, while hovering the mouse over a particular icon will highlight similar crimes on the map. All map views as well as individual crime reports have unique URLs, and thus can be easily bookmarked. A small interface in the left corner allows users to filter for date and time of day ranges. Some data variables seem still to be missing (or maybe San Francisco is indeed safe from prostitution, murder, alcohol and "disturbing the peace" offenses?)

Those interested in the geomapping of crimes should not miss Every Block (recently acquired by MSNBC.com) or the Los Angeles alternative, LAPD Crime Maps [lapdcrimemaps.org]. It might be the limited date range, but somehow LA "looks" more secure. Do you agree?

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Kudos once again to Stamen on a job well done.

Interesting that California doesn't classify its sex crimes. I wonder in what category they fall.

Fri 21 Aug 2009 at 9:13 AM
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