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Identität [digital-identities.com] evaluates how "digital identity" is generated by way of a series of digitally fabricated and readable data sculptures. More than 100,000 raw datasets from sources like Last.fm, delicious, Amazon and Twitter were crawled from the web to relate 4 different criteria: personal interests, communication behaviors, activities, age of their online personalities. Based on the assumption that a digital identity is measurable and comparable, these datasets were then represented using custom computational tools. The data was visually abstracted and interpreted to give the disembodied digital identity a unique and characteristic "Gestalt" in form of a data sculpture.

Based on the 4 defined criteria, all sculptures are comparable in their form, size and expression. A particle system, which represents a persons interests, spreads in space until it is bal­anced. The speed of this expansion, the thickness of the created hull and the starting point of the drawing process is connected to the factors age, activity and communication behavior. The work is accompanied by a nicely illustrated book.

See also Dream Keeper and the more "abstract" data sculptures from Loren Madsen, Nicolas Lobo, Joshua Callaghan and Pravin Sathe.