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For the first time, SIGGRAPH has adopted the theme of "information aesthetics". Part of this theme was a physical exhibition, curated by Victoria Szabo. The exhibition space was open and less busy and stuffy like some of the rooms where the Emerging Technologies demonstrations happened in, one floor above. Computer screens, posters, large projection displays and even some physical artifacts made it well paced exhibition, that did not attempt to overwhelm the viewer. However, its location within the New Orleans Convention Center might have been its only disadvantage, along a long corridor that was not well visited by the typical conference visitor. Images of the setup can be admired below, together with some new or unknown projects.

The showcase exhibition contained many works that should already be known to the *avid* infosthetics reader. Do you (still) know them all?

. News Knitter materializes large-scale data gathered from online political news through beautiful wearable garments. Seeing them in person make you only wish more that they would be for sale! (nb: potential buyers can leave your contact details Mahir's website)

. OpenStreetMap 2008: A Year of Edits is a wiki-style 3D globe map of the world, in which all edits over time, themselves results of physical local surveys, flash white and then decays through yellow and red to purple.

. MSNBC Hurricane Tracker and Oakland Crimespotting both how off Stamen's ability in both graphical design and technical development. As with most other screen-based works, it seemed to attract fewer onlookers than the non-screen works.

. Eigenfactor demonstrates how elegance and information can be effectively merged. It attracted quite some people by its additional poster and bright downlight.

. Synchronous Objects for One Flat Thing, reproduced is an interactive screen-based collection of visualizations revealing deep structures of choreographic thinking through a vivid collection of information objects in the form of 3D computer animation, annotation, and interactive graphics. Even the 3 separate displays could show only a glimpse of its richness.

. The playfulness of Visual Poetry was represented by 3 nicely framed posters.

. A_B_ peace & terror is a transparent poster revealing the quantitative contribution of each of the 192 member states of the United Nations has made toward peace and terror in the world.

. The Katrina Project: NO-LA is a database-driven, activist web site explores the psychological and social effects of the Katrina storm in New Orleans.

Read on below for short descriptions and screenshots of projects that have not been blogged on infosthetics before, including some overview pictures of the physical exhibition itself.


Other notable projects never blogged on infosthetics include:

MBTI Map represents the relationships among 39 representative words that describe 16 personalities using a subway map as a visual metaphor. The "subway lines" indicate 16 MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) personality types.

C-loc Software visualizes time and space using a time layer-scheme
and interactive 3D graphics to depict chronological maps such as geo-tagged photographs and subway timetables.

Touch the Invisibles is a novel interface that superimposes tactile information onto the images displayed on a computer monitor. A small vibrator is attached to a user's fingenail, and when a vibration is presented during a finger movement, the vibration can be perceived as the stimulus from a finger pad, instead of a stimulus from the nail.

Rhythm Analysis - A Temporal Stereopsis of Urban Telecommunication Data Topography reveals a stereoscopic representation of temporal and spatial telecommunication data, an urban communication indicator of everyday life, for 24 hours in a central area of Seoul, created by "transparent LED display sheets" of conductive carbon nanotubes.

Cultural Analytics Research Environment is an open platform that supports analysis of different types of visual and media data and a variety of visualization and mapping technique for a broad spectrum of end-users who want to better understand how their work fits within a larger context.

Out of Statistics: Beyond Legal consists of a series of abstract drawings based on US crime statistics as archival-ink digital prints on rice paper. Each image represents the crime status in one of the states, with the seven most significant crime-conviction statistics of each state embedded.

Visual Genealogy: Mr. PARK, Myrang-Hwarok Clan compresses half a millennium of data about people's lives into a single computer-generated image. It shows the family tree of Mr. Park and reveals their life and death.

"Height Restriction", "24X7@PHL: Vectoring", and "Landmark Status" are part of an investigation into the usage of animation software and procedural modeling as a method for visualizing time-based quantitative data via construction. While appearing relatively bleak when seen as small posters on the exhibition wall, the ideas behind seem sophisticated and the visuals compelling at the website.

"STOC" (short for Stock Ticker Orbital Comparison) is an interactive data visualization, using the metaphor of a planetary system, that maps parameters of stocks in the S&P 500 to animated visual outputs. Various stock-specific parameters are mapped to the size, color, opacity, stroke width, satellite size, orbital distance, orbital direction and the speed of orbiting particles.

"Towards the Memory Tower" is a digital installation that aims to communicate complex neuroscientific understanding in a meaningful and stimulating way to non-experts. Memories are represented by a framework of rhythmically positioned towers designed to represent specific types of oscillatory brain activity and timing functions.

"decibel 151" merges spatial audio technology with ideas of social networking to turn the trajectories of individuals into "walking soundtracks" projected on the floor.

"Multiscale Meta Shape Grammar Objects" explores the use of glyphs generated by a custom meta-shape grammar algorithm to visually differentiate individual records from a massive metagenomics dataset comprised of 17.4 million sequences. The resulting images as well as physical data sculptures are a subset of a vast aesthetically impelled in silico atlas, created as part of an arts-cience collaboration.

Here are 2 overview pictures (click for larger versions), courtesy of Moritz Stefaner.




this reminds me of a museum when you see artifacts however this not the same but i am not quite sure what that Rhythm Analysis - A Temporal Stereopsis of Urban Telecommunication Data Topography is it almost look like a 3D hologram or something like that

Mon 10 Aug 2009 at 11:08 AM

A cool data visualization project that was presented at SIGGRAPH 2009 Information Aesthetics Showcase was STOC (Stock Ticker Orbital Comparison) data visualization. There is a demo at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J47OJ7scP-Q and you can download a fully functional demo of the program at http://www.uniformchaos.org/stoc.php

Sat 19 Sep 2009 at 10:02 AM
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