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Typologies of Intellectual Property [typologies.org] is an almost real-time, interactive visualization of patent data issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Every week, an XML file with about 3,000 new patents is published by the USPTO and made available through data.gov. Data is available back to January 2005.

The online data visualization provides a way to explore and discover the world of ideas, inventions and big business. Patents are categorized by classification (subject of patent), agents (lawyers), company, inventor and country. Within each of these categories, unique icons are generated based on the values of each instance, and how they relate to other categories. Each icon, patent or list item is clickable and creates a new relational search query for further perusal.

Clicking the "view all" on the index page shows a list of companies, agents, classifications, inventors and countries as a list ordered by frequency of occurrence.

Have patience, the site seems slow. Thnkx Richard!