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"A Day In The Life Of The Colour Economy" [pitchinteractive.com] is based on the "Color Economy" concept as proposed by Jer Thorp: an artificial economy of pixels, in which individual "traders" exchange color as a currency or commodity.

Here, pixels are assigned a specific nation (a color), and within each nation, of a state (defined by a hexadecimal value). Using real data, a scenario is mapped out in which each trade between 2 different states created a curved line between the respective traders. The center circle is a ring chart that shows the percentage of each nation's population in the world of pixels. The outer ring segments represent that state's population in relation to its nation. The distance of the segment from the center ring chart represents the state's GDP (or it's wealth). The filling of lines in the center is much like a pie chart, only with an added dimension.

The result is a collection of circular visualizations (on which labels or legends would help considerably in understanding the insights?).




The visualization technique is reminiscent of circos.

Mon 07 Sep 2009 at 11:11 PM
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