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"Level Green - Die Idee der Nachhaltigkeit" [artcom.de] (larger images available below) located at Autostadt, a visitor attraction adjacent to the Volkswagen factory in Wolfsburg, aims to make the complex issues surrounding the sustainability of transport more understandable. Designed by the German interactive media firm Art+Com, about 25 interactive installations offer different, interactive viewpoints of the complex topic, with a strong focus on how people can take positive actions themselves. A series of physical data sculptures and embedded interactive media screens structure the multitude of related themes, while offering users an enjoyable way of accessing relevant information that relate to one's common behavioral habits in the context of sustainable living.

Some of the media pieces include: "Virtual Water", a physical world map with 5 powerful water jets that each represent the export of water between countries through the export of manufactured products; "CO2 Saving Potentials", a data sculpture based on moving black bubbles that illustrate the potential of reducing CO2 emissions; "Individual Mobility", another physical data sculpture consisting of a series of transparent layers that visualize the differences in mobility behaviors between work, leisure and private tasks; a dynamic "footprint", which shows the individual ecological footprint of the user; and finally "LifeCycle", a ribbon-like electronic display that analyzes the ecological impact of a Volkswagen car through its normal lifecycle.

Via Dezeen. See also the Work - Meaning and Care exhibition by the same firm.