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As it was previously announced from Reuters to the interwebs, the VMA Tweet Tracker [] is a real-time graph of Twitter activity that highlights the social news surrounding the Video Music awards by aggregating the most popular terms being tweeted around this event.

Developed by Stamen Design and social media monitoring company Radian6, circular bubbles with celebrity head shots grow and shrink in real time according to the number of according tweets, while an interactive timeline at the bottom of the screen provides a way to browse back and forth through different points in time.

Seems the short Kayne West outburst was good to overshadow the whole event, Twitter wise?


Interesting to see what trending terms MTV chose to omit from their broadcast:

Still, all it does is prove that Kanye knows what countless trolls across the internet already know: "Trolling is a art." When are people going to realize Kanye is an a**hole because it gets people to talk about him?

For more on Stamen's great work check out their blog post on the VMAs:

Tue 15 Sep 2009 at 1:49 PM
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