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Web Trend Map [webtrendmap.com] consists of a collection of graph-like, isometric maps featuring the most "trustworthy" online sources of trends, and their recent tweets.

Web Trend Map publishes all of the trending links onto a visual macro-aggregate map. The filtration process goes like "All Information" (entirety of articles and data being publishing online) > "Micro-Curation" (Twitter users) > "Micro-Aggregation" (link publishers) > "Macro-Aggregation". This should mean the data rising "to the top" is always high quality.

The most interesting maps include the scatterplot-like "Designers versus Coders" (and I can predict where some people would place infosthetics.com) and "Interaction Design versus Brand Design", and the geographic map-like "NYTimes in NY" (of New York city) and "All Things Typographical" (of the world). We can even find Stamen on the "Tech in SF" map (immediately next to TechCrunch and Digg?)

Users seem to be able to make individual maps. Who will make a visualization map??? Can send you a long list of visualization-related blogs!


I made one for Creative Code / infosthetics included http://webtrendmap.com/creativeapps/189/

Thu 03 Sep 2009 at 10:44 PM
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