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Fifa Earth [easports.com] visualizes data from about 2 million FIFA 10 EA Sports football / soccer games played each day. The online "data visualizer" consists of 3 distinct live and interactive elements. "Fifa Buzz" shows recent Twitter messages that contain key words or hash-tags such as 'Goals', 'Fussbal', or 'Soccer', or any other number of searches such as players 'Rooney', 'Benzema', or 'Xavi' that relate to FIFA or football. These tweets are geo-located and time-coded and placed in real-time on a 3D football-shaped globe. "Live Competition" lists the total number of games played around the world (38 million and rising), number of goals, wins, losses, and draws, while it can also display the complete match history of every game played to date. Clicking through the "History" link of each team conveys a bar graph of past performance data. In "The World Plays", countries are ranked accordingly to the play data.

The potential size of the visualized dataset is immense. With over 2 billion (!) video game matches played last year, resulting in about 40 millions goals scored, it brings the competitiveness of players together.


Well spotted, thanks for posting this little gem.

Nothing like big budget stats porn to get a buzz going.

Fri 23 Oct 2009 at 10:47 AM
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