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"Mo Money Mo Problems" [nickhardeman.com] is a collection of images that are generated by evaluating and interpreting the 1997 music video with the same title, originating from the first disc of the Notorious B.I.G. album, Life After Death.

The software detects edges in the image and attempts to trace motion happening from frame to frame. The output is rendered as a vector image, with curves representing the traced motion patterns. The points represent the pixels detected in the edge, with their size determined by the distance from their previous location: the further away, the larger their size. The color of the points is determined by the color of that pixel in that frame. The bright colored track suits worn by Puff Daddy and Mase in the dark backgrounds make for good tracking and nice color combinations.

One can check out some more renderings in the Mo Money Mo Problems photoset on flickr, or watch the original music video. See also Tracking Michael Jackson's White Glove in 10,060 Video Frames.