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Living Light [livinglightseoul.net] by David Benjamin and Soo-in Yang is a permanent outdoor pavilion in Seoul with a dynamic skin that glows and blinks in response to both data about air quality and public interest in the environment. It is unique for its capability to dynamically represent environmental air quality via a public media architecture structure. For instance, parts of the panel roof glow when the air quality is better than last year or when onlookers send a text message querying the data for a specific postcode.

The outer perimeter of the pavilion represents a giant map of Seoul with the 27 neighborhood boundaries redrawn based on existing air quality sensors of the Korean Ministry of Environment. Each shape in this new map encloses the air space closest to one of the sensors. The map then illuminates based on the comparison of historical and real-time sensor data, and text messaging requests from passers-by, becoming an interactive, environmental building facade.

Following the "next" links on project site, one can also discover the profound digital design and fabrication process that was followed for constructing the pavilion. Alternatively, you can watch the documentary video below.

Via Interactive Architecture.


Such an amazing post and nice picture i must say, I am really very much impress by your work . Good going. Thanks for sharing .

Tue 24 Nov 2009 at 6:35 PM
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