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dataMorphose [christianekeller.de] is a series of amazingly beautiful and sophisticated physical data sculptures which represent information by the shape and motion of sail-like tensile structures.

Each triangular canvas represents a separate data object. Its data values are conveyed by the tension of the canvas, which in turn determines its size, movement and position in space. One vertex of each canvas is attached to the ground floor of a transparent cube, so that each canvas can receive its meaning through the projection of words and numbers onto that area. In all, this means the user is required to learn the visual language in order to understand the visualization, which is claimed to be intuitive to learn.

One sculpture visualizes the current time. The hours, minutes and seconds are assigned to one sail respectively. To represent the hours, the central canvas changes its position in space. The other two sails visualize the values from 0 - 59 by changing their shape: one vertex moves along the vertical edge of the cube: the downward movement shows the values from 0 - 29, the upward movement the values from 30 - 59. The second sculpture conveys web traffic data through the motion of 4 sails: the faster a canvas moves the higher the activity of the website or the search term. The last sculpture shows statistical information by a succession of 5 sails.

Technically, nylon threads are attached on the vertices of the canvas, which lead down into the base and are moved by servo motors according to the data values. You can watch them move in the documentation video below.

Reminded me of Level Green and Pulsating Emotion Visualization Organism.


I was wondering: Exactly where did you see these sculptures? They are beautiful but jarringly similar to work I made with latex while I was doing my fine art degree at OCAD.

Mon 23 Nov 2009 at 11:42 PM
Brad Blucher
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