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The web portal Marshall IDX [marshallindex.com] tracks the historical popularity of words used by several thousand media sources, from months to just down to seconds ago. It aims to go beyond counting search queries to bring more transparency and understanding of the impact of news, advertisement, trends, and terms to its users.

The so-called "Marshall Index" is expressed by a number: 1 point represents 1 million individuals that got in touch with a particular term in a 24 hours time window. For example, if one searches for the word 'Olympics', the service will calculate an index based on how often the word is mentioned right now in online media. Via the Marshall Index it is also possible to observe words and watch their development in the media over a particular time period, from years down to seconds. By providing charts of the Marshall Index, the tool becomes interesting for many types of comparative studies like investment, medicine, music, movies, politics, and many other fields.

Users can create your own word lists in order to measure and illustrate their relativy popularity, check them against other words or benchmarks, or just explore an understanding of how word popularity fluctuates over time. Examples include the words Facebook or Facebook versus Twitter, or Obama or Obama versus Sarah Palin, while existing lists rank the popularity of movie stars and Head of States.

Marshall IDX is different from seemingly similar and well-known concepts such as Google Trends, as what people search for online, does not necessarily match with what is really popular.

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turns out angelina jolie is the most popular actress and George Clooney and Polanski the most famous directors... funny site...

Fri 20 Nov 2009 at 11:32 AM
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