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A Day in the Life of the MBTA [toddvanderlin.com] consists of 5 posters that visualize the MBTA (Boston's public transport system) subway usage during August 12, 2009. Specific software programs were written in openframeworks to interpret data in order to emphasize different trends within the data.

Linear charts were used to display the activity of stations on a given line to show the geographic relation of activity throughout the course of the day. Circular 24-hour clocks were made for individual lines and stations in order to see the relative activity throughout the day. Pie charts were used to visualize rush hour commutes on each line, showing the contrast of activity during morning and evening rush hours. Histograms were used to show the breakdown of daily activity in a linear fashion. The final layouts were designed in Illustrator, and visualizations were combined in order to create the 5 individual MBTA line posters and overall MBTA poster.

More detailed, but unfortunately no larger resolution nor downloadable, depictions are available at Flickr.

Thnkx Brett. See also Subway Signage, Subway Ridership Chart, Subway Sparklines, Subway Bathroom Tiling, Redesigned NYC Subway Maps, NYC Subway Smell Map, London Travel Time Map and Time-Based Subway Map.





Check out this dynamic temporal heatmap visualization - http://thunderheadxpler.blogspot.com/2009/11/spatial-temporal-mbta-heatmap.html

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nice - here's something similar for the F Train on the MTA (NYC).


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