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Canvi and Temps (click both links!) [culturesdelcanvi.com] are two impressive network browsing spaces by the datavis group Bestiario. These historical (with citations since 1927) and transversal (with more than 30 categories of fields of knowledge) visualizations offer access to the collection of approaches, strategies and tactics, research methods and interests known as "complexity science". The project is based on various data sets including articles, pages, persons and links that relate with the topic of complexity in science.

"Temps" highlights the interest in representing changes associated with complexity science through time (starting from 1927, which is the chronological reference in the field). Temps allows to see changes on the usage intensity of the tags through time, and includes an interactive time slider bar and mouse hovering actions to access more detailed information.

"Canvi" is an interface that enables browsing a network with a local vision of a node's surroundings while allowing moving through the network through their relation. Canvi combines different techniques (so-called "geometric paradigms") subtly alternating between nodes and their relation. This means that the visual representation of the network is in constant movement (a breathing sort of movement), this way offering a broader perception of the local network.

More information at Bestiario Blog.