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Inspired by the Ars Electronica Golden Nica-winning Nuage Vert project, Pixelache, an informally organised network of electronic art festivals, and Helsingin Energia, one of the largest energy companies in Finland, are collaborating to produce artworks related to the collective energy consumption in the Helsinki area. A selection of artists were invited to submit proposals for artworks, of which the very best will be built within the public space in Helsinki or presented as online web projects. The proposals for these artworks can be found at the "Art & Energy" [pixelache.ac] webpage.

They include "Human Viz", a series of unpredictable events, implemented by human action, visualizing Helsinki Energia's energy consumption data. Flash mobs, sudden gatherings of people of different ages and backgrounds, would occur at specific locations to convey the representative red and blue colors from an online diagram of current heat and electricity. (See also Human-Driven Media Facade). "Andy Best" is a kinetic sculpture that reacts to the current energy usage, and could be produced in any scale, from table top objects for the home or office, to a large public sculpture for a whole neighborhood (see also Vision Energy Sculpture).

"Blink Helsinki aka Blink at Home" is a collective effort to draw attention to energy consumption on city wide level, by inviting individual households to blink their lights at a predetermined visual pattern revealing energy consumption in Helsinki. "Energy Fame" paints the energy levels as projected light onto people, turning them into representations of their energy use, as citizens of Finland. "Hot Lights" connects Helsinki's use of district heating to its public, urban outdoor lighting system: when heat consumption is high, street lamps will pulsate slowly.

Thnkx Monika!

PS. For more physical visualizations of sustainability-related issues, check out the 3 finalists of San Jose's Climate Clock Challenge that was organized last year.


Cool you featured this!

I might add that there's a small correction that would be appreciated.
The line starting with:
"Andy Best" is a kinetic sculture that....
Shoud be:
"Power Flower" is a kinetic sculture, by Andy Best, that...


Miska (the one that proposed Blink Helsinki... and Energy Fame)

Mon 18 Jan 2010 at 12:28 AM

Yes, thanks Miska for pointing this out! Though my arms and legs do feel in need of a bit of oiling..! ;-) Great that all the projects are featured though, thanks! Andy (the person)

Mon 18 Jan 2010 at 2:56 AM
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