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Dan Meyer's infographically translated statistics about the year 2009 shows an original and animated view on the now popular practice of publishing one's life as data. The data contains several dozen statistics about the pop culture he consumed, the people he talked to, the (Belgian...) beer he drank, the places he visited, the vehicles he took to those places, and the amount of sleep he enjoyed each day. These statistics was spread across several thousand cells of a spreadsheet, which were then condensed and animated into the 2.5-minute video clip.

As one commenter smartly puts it, animating one's statistics might become a potential new feature for services like Daytum, Mycrocosm, Nebul.us, EyeBrowse, Personas, and the like.

Watch the movie below.

More information at the author's blog post. Via @datavis.


If you used the bottle concept for my home town in Scotland it would by 98% buckfast, 1% super lager, 0.5% vodka and 0.5% whisky (or thereabouts)

Tue 02 Mar 2010 at 10:48 PM
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