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Charting the Beatles [mikemake.com] is a still ongoing project to analyze the music of the Beatles through the use of infographics. The Flickr group with the same name contains a plethora of diagrams and charts taken from secondary sources, including but not limited to, sales statistics, biographies, recording session notes, sheet music, and raw audio readings.

Michael Deal, the initiator of this project, might have designed the most impressive graphs of them all. One includes the depiction of authorship and collaboration, which naturally traces the songwriting contributions within the band. Another diagram analyzes the self-references occurring in the song lyrics, noting the exact referencing lyrics and at what point in each song they can be found. The circular "Working Schedule" focuses on revealing similarities in their main activities from year to year.

The ultimate goal is to start a larger and open collaborative project currently to be published on chartingthebeatles.com.