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Following visualization website is quite intriguing, if only because of the compelling story 'behind' the data it shows. in.fondo.al.mar (under the sea) [infondoalmar.info] is an online data visualization project about a series of sinkings in the Mediterranean Sea, involving ships which are suspected of having carried toxic and radioactive waste. The most shocking fact about these sinkings is that the ships would have been sunk deliberately to dispose of tons of toxic, chemical and radioactive waste.

The visualization project aims to support the ongoing investigations about these suspicious incidents by centralizing and spreading all relevant information, so that a better factual understanding can be gained. The information shown was hidden in maritime registers and hard disks, and was scattered in tens of different dossiers. More precisely, in.fondo.al.mar employs data coming from official documents made available by the Lloyds's of London, dossiers on the case by Legambiente and other ecological associations, newspaper clippings and background information gathered from specialist Internet sites.

The visualizations consist of a geographical map of the sinkings, a chronology of the incidents, as well as general statistics and individual records about the incidents and the ships involved.