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In an apparent trend set by some of their latest work for the US online media, like the MTV Award Twitter Tracker, data visualization firm Stamen Design recently released an interactive treemap [nbcolympics.com] showing the tweets that deal with the current Winter Olympics in real-time.

A subtle (almost invisible?) sparkline on the top shows some stats and the relative amount of tweets over time. The larger the rectangle, the more tweets have appeared about that topic. Individual rectangles can be selected for more detailed tweets about that specific topic. More information is available on the Stamen blog.


This type of presentation as an illustration - the presentation becomes the content. For data I would find it better to have actual tweets to be used to illustrate amount/topic (this graph looks the same with 50 and 500 tweets). Also I would emphasize what people are saying/topic (almost illegible in most blocks here) and highlight tweets that differ from the crowd.

Now the problem is that emphasizing content would reveal that tweets are quite low on content: what most people say could be predicted quite easily. Thus emphasizing different tweets and amount would be good.

Sun 21 Feb 2010 at 4:50 PM
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