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AnthroPosts [anthroposts.com] visualizes a growing collection of found Post-it Notes in a variety of views. The interface allows clustering the notes by similarity in words, the amount of words that have been written on them, or their color intensity. Notes can also be searched by content.

In addition, the project features sound recordings of anonymous online workers, solicited through Amazon's Mechanical Turk, reading the notes aloud. The inferred significance of these notes contrasts our current age of shortened communication "bursts", and causes the viewer to find a new appreciation in the individuality of the notes themselves.

Thnkx Noah.




Global art platform { ART & ANTIQUES } for great collectors !

Art making and collecting is an opportunity for me to share my story with others. I'm finding, more and more, that people want to know the story behind what I make and collect. Collectors are less interested in whether or not they can look at a lot of art. Collectors need a place to ask questions and need someone to critique and edit the art objects, they need that professional eye! I want to help create environments for artists and dealers that are Unbelievably all embracing like a great magazine. As artists and Collectors we need to draw others out into the realm of self expression by creating a space that is safe and reassuring. It's why I love the idea of having one curated all encompassing place to see and research great art and collectibles, and if I wanted to ? Be able to have total safe access to buy the art object 24/7 any where in the world. The power of making art, and looking at the art others make, can heal us, change us, make us think, see new ideas, and give our story a voice by having a great online free posting cataloged platform. My dream is that everyone can be a part of that support forum by sharing there quality art objects! *Free Consignment please post your art objects --> http://www.BusaccaGallery.com 415-776-0104 { CURATED ART & ANTIQUES } For more info email me ----> BusaccaGallery@sbcglobal.net

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