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Based on the developer network BBC Backstage, the learning project titled "DataArt" [bbc.co.uk] aims to introduce people to the power of information visualisation as a contemporary media form of increasing importance (somehow sounds familiar?). The project will publish a series of data visualizations, focused principally on BBC data sources but potentially cross-referenced with other publicly available data. In practice, this means the BBC will provide tools, tutorials, example computer code one can download and modify, and access to copyright free data sources.

BBC Learning recognises that the interpretation of open data is an increasingly important skill for us all and expects the site will appeal to audiences interested in data visualization in general, digital art and design, those interested in the BBC and those looking at data visualization from an educational perspective.

Four different visualization have been released so far: Flared Music shows relationships between musicians as stored in the BBC Music / Musicbrainz database. 3D Documentary Explorer uses video as its source to experiment with the concept of interactive story telling. SearchWeb allows for the exploration of BBC content by generating a tree of links to relevant pages throughout the site. Lastly, News Globe maps the information from the BBC News & Sport website on 3D globe.


Wow, reminds me an example I did with http://thejit.org a year ago, you can find it here: http://demos.thejit.org/example/hypertree/example1/ . Clicking on an artist will center that artist and request for new information. I also used the Musicbrainz database. Their example is flash, mine is JavaScript.

Fri 09 Apr 2010 at 7:21 AM
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