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Most people, when they think of a graph, do not think of something beautiful or interesting. So imagine you need to communicate several dry financial scenarios for an exclusive advertising campaign. In an attempt to visually "brand" the way of delivering information, creative collective The Glue Society created a set of elaborate fluorescent tube installations to display several animated data charts for the BT Bigger Picture [bt.com.au] campaign.

Each of the 4 ads is based on a separate light sculpture, which each was specifically designed to display the statistical information in a visually unique way. More than 40 people were involved in building the media installations, consisting of more than 14,500 light bulbs and 46 kilometers of cabling. A big part of the beauty of these ads also involves the smooth shots and angles of the installations and their subtle dynamic animations.

Watch all 4 commercials, plus a revealing "making-of" documentary below.

Thnkx Andrea!



Staggering. It's almost a shame they didn't leave the "sculpture" open to the public for a few days. Guaranteed the art exhibition side of things would have given them greater public interest than short tv spot where people don't really notice the beauty behind it on their little television screens.

Incredible... the making of video is inspirational to say the least.

Wed 19 May 2010 at 1:46 AM

Beautiful. And yes, lots of modern artist build neon-light pieces of art, and it is really a loss to the public not to be able to watch this commercial sculptures.
But maybe these gigantic light cathedral are too tall for a museum anyway ?

Thu 20 May 2010 at 7:51 PM
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