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Social Bits [socialbits.org] is a research design project focused on putting digital information in a physical context. A collection of small interventions located at Istanbul aim to explore the physical display of urban data.

"Collective Data Maps" allow visitors to pinpoint the most liked and most disliked locations of İstanbul. "Fluid Data" is a spatial projection that shows real-time Twitter posts from İstanbul by highlighting and flowing past architectural elements in a fluid way. "kazamidori" is an interactive object resembling a weather vane to indicate the direction of where visitors in a website are coming from in real-time. "News Leak" is a physical printer located in the city which instantly prints a summary of the latest news and culture from around the world. "Urban Mood" visualizes the real-time mood of the citizens of İstanbul through a simple keyword projection and sound installation. Lastly "Urbansphere Wearables" is a collection of beautiful T-shirts that reflect the daily keywords of the city by utilizing the data streams of social networks as a source of fashion design.

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