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The Love 40 [radio1chart.co.uk] is an experimental visualization prototype by BBC Radio 1 that shows the Radio 1 Top 40 chart data supplied by the Official Chart Company.

The "Chart View" consists of a big grid of colored circles. Each circle is a unique release, and each column is a single week of the charts. New entries are shown as starbursts for the week and position they entered the chart. The size of the circles conveys how much "love" that release got, compared to all of the other releases. The current week's chart is closest to the list on the right. The releases in the current chart have a gently pulsing border: the faster one is moving, the more "love" the release is receiving. Users can hover over a circle to see the title and artist, and see how that release has moved around the chart by a continuous ribbon.

The "Love View" shows the Top 40 most loved releases for this week. Users can click on a circle to go to the "Detail View", to explore that release's history, which DJs love it, and how much love it actually has been getting.

Via Flowing Data.