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In the new rage that is football statistics data visualization, VisualSport [visualsport.com] forms the newest member. The match tracking interface contains 2 separate parts: the "Match Timeline" and "Match Commentary", each focusing on displaying separate events (e.g. shoots, yellow/red cards, player exchanges) on an interactive timeline. The Player Comparison Tool looks more sophisticated: individual players can be benchmarked in a large variety of data attributes, ranging from their relative position on the field to an overall view of their performance in terms of presence, offense, gameplay, correctness and defense.

As a interesting feature, each visualization widget, such as also a live match timeline, can be embedded in blogs and websites.

VisualSports is currently relatively empty except of the UEFA Champions League data, but has been already prepared for the upcoming World Cup 2010.

See also Adidas Match Tracker and World Cup Visualiser.