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Weather Tower [lab-au.com] by collaborative agency LAb[au] is a huge data visualization displayed on a spectacular media facade in the center of Brussels, based a scyscraper called the Dexia Tower. The building, which was already blogged back in 2006, consists of 38 floors and 6000 windows each containing 72 LED's, together capable of firing up to 420,000 Watt of light.

The electronic facade displays tomorrow's temperature, cloudiness, precipitations, and wind, by using colors and geometrical patterns. Colors correspond to tomorrow's temperature compared to the monthly average, linked to a color scale ranging from violet (-6°C or colder), blue (-4°C), cyan ( -2°C), green (monthly average), yellow (2°C), orange (4°C) to red (6° or warmer). The level brightness of these colors correspond to the relative light conditions of the sky of the upcoming day. Emergent geometrical patterns are derived from the transformation of small lines which are dynamically changed by other weather data. These patterns are representing tomorrow's cloudiness, showers (e.g. rain, snow, ice ...).

More beautiful images of this facade can be found here. Via Data Visualization.


Note: photos below taken from Marc Wathieu. Photos showing different lighting project.




looks more like tetris... but nice idea

Tue 01 Jun 2010 at 9:15 PM
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