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Augmented reality is all the hype know, in particular with the technology ditching the required goggles for cool mobile phones screens, and the like. The short movie below offers a future vision of augmenting your normal vision in the kitchen when commercial branding and infographics have all the freedom, and "above the fold" finally receives a meaning in physical reality.

Via Data Driven and Flowing Data.

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Reminds me of a CICESE research project exploring how augmented reality can improve the lives of the elderly. The same technique of the hot water kettle's countdown was used to represent the waiting time for the next dose of pills and the amount to take, overlaying the object with a red/green color to make it more clear. Self-explaining images on page 4 of the pdf below. Augmented hyper-reality isn't too far away ;)


Fri 09 Jul 2010 at 5:52 AM

I enjoyed the variable degrees of advertising and how it is linked with personal revenue. I could imagine people obsessively cranking up the advertising to maximize their revenue. The social sphere reminded me of the computer room in Gamer (yes I watched it).

Fri 16 Jul 2010 at 4:40 AM
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