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Each single infosthetics.com reader should now be well aware of Hans Rosling's impressive TED talk, and thus know the practical use of Gapminder World, an online set of interactive graphs that allows for the exploration of the world's statistical data.

To overcome the online requirement, Gapminder Desktop [gapminder.org has recently been released for all operating systems. Based on Adobe AIR technology, this "No Internet Required" software allows people to explore the same data from their own computer, even when there is no Internet connectivity available. In particular, Gapminder Desktop is aimed to teachers and students to bookmark and present global trends in all sort of situations. It comes preloaded with 600+ indicators on health, environment, economy, education, poverty, technology, and so on.

In the movie below, Hans Rosling shows how to use Gapminder Desktop to present global trends.

See also Gapcast Swine Flu versus Death Ratio



We need brave men and women, at this point in history we have sissy congressmen who are afraid to go against a President , and a Speaker of the House and many other off the wall non-America loving leaders.

Mon 08 Aug 2011 at 3:26 AM
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