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The Proverbial Wallet [mit.edu] aims to communicate personal financial information in an ambient manner, to better inform purchasing decisions and improve one's general financial awareness. The design concept consists of electronically augmenting an everyday wallet to make it capable of providing subtle haptic and visual feedback based on the personal financial metrics of the wearer.

. The Peacock wallet prototype appears to physically grow and shrink to reflect the user's
current account balance. Wearers will feel a subtle tightness or looseness in their pocket that persists until their account balance changes. In addition, an unusually high balance will result in a wallet large enough to be clearly visible to potential "mates".

. The Mother Bear wallet contains a resistant hinge to protect the money within it, making it difficult to open when people need to be thrifty.

. The Bumblebee wallet prototype vibrates whenever the bank processes a personal transaction, alerting people to potential fraud in real-time.

While the concept pictures certainly look attractive, the authors John Kestner, Daniel
Leithinger, Jaekyung Jung and Michelle Petersen have also made some working prototypes, which can be explored in their paper.

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