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The Guardian's Datablog just released an interesting run-through of how they had to deal with the raw data from the recent Afghanistan War Logs, a 6-year archive of classified military documents. The New York Times also released a view behind the verification and the data formatting process.

For anyone with an interest in datajournalism, this all makes an interesting read. For instance, with the main goal of making the huge and complex data understandable and navigable for expert journalists with a tight timeframe, Datablog explains in detail how the 92,201 rows of MS Excel data had to be ordered and categorized.

In the meantime, the first War Logs visualizations have appeared:
. Newspaper-version map of IED attacks between 2006-2009
. Interactive map of all 16,000 IED attacks

Let's hope The New York Times will make the list a bit longer, making such long enumerations as appeared here a rare exception...

Via @datastore.


French sites Owni.fr, Slate.fr, www.monde-diplomatique.fr published "Warlogs".

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Fri 30 Jul 2010 at 12:45 AM
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