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Reflection II [anfischer.com] is an augmented sound data sculpture representing a musical piece, which is characterized by 12 musical motives that appear in an almost linear succession.

An FFT frequency spectrum analysis was performed on all audio clips. The resulting intensity values were arranged in a coordinate system consisting of frequency and time. Higher intensity values for a given frequency at a given time resulted in an elevation of the generated mesh. This produced a height-field representing the spectral structure of the music. The sculpture is augmented by way of a projector: when the music starts playing, each sample is visualized by a scanline passing over it. Each time the scanner passes a motif, it gradually receives more light, where the amount is defined by the number of occurrences in the song.

Watch the sculpture in action below.

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Interesting, but what next? Then KT Davies and P Walter's 3D printed sound sculpture of the 3D printer printing is also interesting. IMO.

Wed 22 Sep 2010 at 4:41 AM
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