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ExpenseVisualizer [ffctn.com] is a new online tool to explore the Canadian Federal Travel & Hospitality Expenses, an open dataset that was recently made available at Visible Government, a Canadian non-profit organization promoting online tools for government transparency.

Users are able to share their personal findings by simply providing a specific URL: they can target a specific time period, department (e.g. Auditor General, Parks Canada, Citizenship and Immigration) and position (e.g. Ambassador, Minister, Vice President), and send or embed the appropriate link in an email or blog post. Others are then able to exactly check out what they did and continue exploring from there.

It took FFunction, a Montréal-based data visualization and interface design company, almost 2 years to release this application: following a Canadian federal directive, departments had to publish their travel and hospitality expenses. Scattered amongst more than a hundred websites, Visible Government.ca scraped this data and put it into a single, accessible resource, which resulted in a 22MB SQL database.

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