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myFry [itunes.apple.com] is an innovative iPhone app for interactively exploring Stephen Fry's autobiography, titled "The Fry Chronicles" (just released today). As Stephen Fry's autobiography was written in a style that was suited to splitting the text into separate moments in Fry's life, a fun and beautiful visual index offers the reader a different way of engaging with his book.

The entirety of the book is represented by a circular wheel of 'spines', each of which represents a section of text. The arcs around the outside of the wheel connect sections that are tagged with the same theme. By spinning the 112 self-contained sections around, viewing their opening words and following their tags, one can explore the book in a personalized, non-linear structure. Categories are distinguished by color: People, Subjects, Feelings and Fryisms.

Find more detailed information at the website of the app's visual designer, Stefanie Posavec (whose other visualization design work is worth a visit as well). The technical part was accomplished by Dare Digital.

Alternatively, watch Stephen Fry's version of the instructions below.

See also: One Book, Many Readings.




A bit expensive !

Tue 14 Sep 2010 at 3:04 AM
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