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"Quants, The Alchemists of Wall Street " [onesize.nl] is less than 90 seconds of aesthetic data immersion.

The Quants is the title of a popular book that provides a first-hand look at the little known world of Quantitative Analysis and the various hedge funds that use the technique. Dutch television network VPRO, recently aired a series of documentaries covering topics that involve the current financial and economical industry worldwide. In a particular episode, "Quants" talk about the way they think and how their way of thinking can determine the direction of our economy. The 50-minute long documentary contained 6 custom-made short abstract animations, to illustrate the complexity, randomness, speed and danger of the economical world we live in.

Watch a compilation of the 6 animations below.

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What a hokey load of visual garbage.
That isn't how quants think and it's a damn shame to take the hard work and brain sweat of these folks and turn it into alchemy or magic. They are normal people who paid attention in math class and are doing fairly simple operations to try to make predictions.

This is pretty stuff that overcomplicates the subject. It actually removes information visually.

Love infosthetics, but this is all style, no substance.

Thu 21 Oct 2010 at 4:58 AM

I don't understand the math, and I don't know if what the above comment tries to say is correct, but I enjoyed the animation very much.....

Mon 14 Mar 2011 at 8:20 AM
Nina Wikstrom Aguilar
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