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Social Indicators Monitor (SIMon) [gesis-simon.de] is an online visualization tool that allows direct access to time series data from 2 different systems of social indicators. While the content might seem dull, SIMon is characterized by a surprisingly slick user interface, designed by Kognito Gestaltung. The tool allows users to browse and select specific indicators for various European countries, and display them as interactive charts (e.g. maps, line chart, bar chart, scatterplot, boxplot).

The German System of Social Indicators is an instrument that has been developed with a view to monitor well-being, in terms of objective living conditions as well as subjective quality of life, and social change in Germany. Covering 14 life domains, the System includes almost 400 indicators with a total of more than 3000 time series. The period of observation starts at the beginning of the 1950's and covers the entire time span up to the present day, as far as data availability allows.

The European System of Social Indicators is an instrument to be used to continuously monitor and analyze the individual and societal well-being of European citizens in terms of quality of life, social cohesion and sustainability as well as changes in the social structure of European societies. The European System of Social Indicators covers the current EU-27 member states, Norway and Switzerland as well as Japan and the United States as two major reference societies.

More detailed information is available here.

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