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An End of Modernity [arxiv.org] (PDF) by sculptural artist Josiah McElheny is a 10-by-15-foot accurate artistic version of the Big Bang, which itself is much more than an explosion: it is the origin of space and time itself, initiating an expansion that occurs everywhere and has no center.

The work is part of a larger sculpture series, which data-supported mapping techniques to depict the meaning behind the Big Bang. Consisting of 1,000 blown-glass globes and cast-glass discs with roughly 5,000 individual metal parts, its center represents the primordial cosmos and the outer edge the present day, and the passage from one to the other would trace the 14 billion year history of the expanding universe. With this space-to-time translation, An End to Modernity incorporates many of the key features of cosmic evolution that have been revealed by astronomical observations over the last 4 decades

For instance, in an An End to Modernity (see below), each of the 230 radiating rods emerges in a random direction with a randomly selected length and terminates in a cluster of hand-formed glass disks and blown-glass globes, representing a cluster of galaxies, or else in a single lamp, representing a quasar (supermassive black holes). The rules that govern the form, size, and contents of the cluster, or the brightness of the lamp, depend on the length of the rod, and thus on the cosmic epoch that corresponds to its termination point.

More information here and here.

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