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Based on the annual UNHCR Refugee Report, the slick Flight & Expulsion [niceone.org] visualization shows different perspectives on the extensive dataset. Approximately 21 million people worldwide can be labeled as refugees: people who are forced to leave their countries due to war, political, racial or religious persecution, as internally displaced persons, or as repatriates on their way back home.

Each visualization view highlights the relationships between the countries that people flee from and migrate to. In the "Flows" view, the countries are connected through a sort of Sankey diagram. The "Connection" displays the same data as a circular network diagram, while the "World Map" provides a classic geographical overview. The "Country Details" dashboard, available when a country is selected, gives more detailed information about the same statistics. The interactive timeline at the bottom allows the exploration of any trends or changes over time.

Reminds me of Eigenfactor. See also Refugee Flight and Expulsion (2008) (disappeared, but seemingly from the same people).





Thanks for mentioning my work!

The 2008 version of Flight & Expulsion, i.e. the original class project, isn't online anymore since I decided to do a complete redesign that also included coding the whole application from scratch. The data basis, however, remained the same.

Sun 10 Oct 2010 at 3:28 AM
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