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logTool [onformative.com] is a data visualization tool that displays your online activity, based on data from the powerful network packet sniffing tool Carnivore. By analyzing the different IP addresses and ports, the visualization is able to determine and represent what kind of application or service sends or receives the packets. Developed for the magazine Weave, logTool was used to digest the surfing behavior of several interaction designers, artists and developers.

The time period of a whole day was split into 288 timeslots, 5 minutes each, represented by a radial bar graph. The gray bars show the overall outgoing Internet traffic while the purple bars show all the packets that were received by the user. The dotted line is a more detailed view of all HTTP requests. So, by comparing the bars and the line one can conclude if the traffic was caused by browsing websites or not. The blue bubbles highlight the immense usage of different Google services like Google maps, gmail, youtube, blogger, or just Google search, but also applications like Google earth or SketchUp, that communicate with Google servers to check for updates or load data, were tracked. The little gaps represent the moments in time when users switched off their laptops to get to work and some hours later again when they went back home.

Both tool and source code can be freely downloaded.

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Nice article... the url of the magazine is www.weave.de though...

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