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Schooloscope [schooloscope.com] aims to help parents make better school choices for their children in England. The website turns a huge amount of numeric league tables and hard to find PDF reports into a simple summary for about 20,000 different state schools. Instead of showing data graphs and information statistics, this website translates the dry data in understandable written language (e.g. statements such as "Kids here haven't been improving as quickly as kids at some other schools"), and easy visual representations (i.e. simple iconography, highlighting results that stand out). In particular, Schooloscope hides a lot of the data to instead focus on revealing what each school 'feels' like. Are the kids happy there? Is the teaching good? If you were thinking of sending your child to this school, what would the parents there tell you about it?

Individual schools can be located on a map, benchmarked in pairs, compared in a table to other schools in the neighborhood, or explored in full detail.


Wow. This is an excellent example of how to visualize government data. Thanks!


Thu 14 Oct 2010 at 1:36 AM
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