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Once you overcome the fear of allowing the visualization to take over your full screen, the Discover Digital Life [discoverdigitallife.com] you can conclude that their interface is actually quite neat. Based on a huge dataset gathered from interviews with almost 50,000 consumers across 46 countries, Digital Life claims to be the largest, most comprehensive study of the Global Digital Consumer, ever.

The interactive data dashboard allows users to compare pairs of countries with each other, over data attributes such as Internet penetration, digital lifestyles and daily activities, their perceived importance and their distribution between desktop and mobile. While standing out with its minimalistic design, unfortunately, a horizontal juxtaposition of data graphs can hardly be called an efficient approach to contrast information.


BD- Bad designers: we are proud of our Illustrator skills, and we do not really care about user experience. In fact we use colors like light gray on white backgrounds, or super light green with white backgrounds. Since PDF can zoom, we also try to use the smallest fonts possible, the important is that from an overview it looks nice. We do not put numbers on our charts, we just put some percentages because numbers are ugly, and people do not need them. (reference http://discoverdigitallife.com/downloads/pdf/The_Digital_Lifestyles.pdf)

Wed 13 Oct 2010 at 5:08 AM

Except of the little sarcastic tone :), quite a constructive critique, Simone! Thnkx.

Thu 14 Oct 2010 at 8:13 PM
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