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Measure of America [measureofamerica.org] aims to stimulate fact-based discussion about issues regarding the topics of Health, Education and Income. By encouraging for a greater understanding of the opportunities and constraints of ordinary people, Measure of America tries to answer at least 2 important questions: "How is the economy is doing?", but also "How are the people doing?"

The different maps and visualizations are based on the "American Human Development Index", a composite measure of well-being and opportunity that combines indicators in 3 fundamental areas, including health, knowledge, and standard of living, into a single number on a scale from 0 to 10. Health is measured using life expectancy, calculated from mortality data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Knowledge is determined using 2 different indicators: school enrollment and degree attainment. Both indicators are from the U.S. Census Bureau. Standard of living is defined using median earnings of all workers 16 and older, also from the Census Bureau.

Next to an obvious zoomable and navigable U.S. map, the interface also includes a detailed list chart that allows the inclusion of up to 100 different indicators, and a stack chart dividing the different indicators up in various parameters, such as race, gender or states.

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